Weekly Report – September 9 – 14

All children have now reported back and settled down for the third and final term of this school year (2019). So the week was busy and exciting.  

Teaching & learning

Teaching and learning went on well in all classes. Pre- Primary 1 children (4 year olds) were learning parts of their bodies and they traced and coloured their hands. 

All classes engaged in gardening as part of their extra-curricular activity. This enhances their awareness of the environment, creates a nice break from their normal class routine as well as encourages the students to be active in taking care of the environment. 

This term we have revived our school garden. Water supply has been a big problem since mid 2018 and therefore the garden suffered. This problem has now been resolved with the purchase of 2000 litres water tank thanks to Direttamente. This term we are very ambitious with the garden and are planning to grow enough vegetables to complement our food program. Some of the vegetables that grade 1 and grade 2 children planted this week are onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, pole beans and snow peas and red pepper.

Health and Welfare

There were no major health incidents this week. The children that were sick last term are now well.

Emma Nyambura is continuing to recover well. She is now able to stand on her own. 

The children were happy with food this week we introduced a new meal on thursday – peas, potatoes and carrot soup served with rice and the children loved it.