Weekly Report – September 23 – 28

Teaching and learning activities continued apace. There were no major health incidents and the food program went on as planned. The highlights for the week was our school joining the scout movement and the launch of conservation club.

Scout Movement

We registered as a member of the Kenya Scouts Association. This is an educational movement for young people with the purpose of engaging schools and youth groups in community service and teaching them social and leadership skills. The aim is to mold these young people into responsible citizens and members of the community.

We joined Sungura (Hare) Scout Group, which is for children aged between six and eleven. Twenty children (10 boys & 10 girls) started their scouts training. For scouts at this age, excitement and adventure are key. They will be introduced to exciting outdoor skills and take part in adventurous activities such as camping and inter-scouts competitions. They will lead in hoisting the flag and singing the national anthem during school assembly.

These boys and girls need your help in acquiring the scouts uniforms. The cost of one set of uniform is Ksh2,700 (US$27). We need twenty sets which will cost a total of Ksh54,000 (US$540).

Conservation Club

Teacher Lilian led in launching the conservation which by the end of this week boasted 43 members. The club is allied with Wild Clubs of Kenya and is aimed at engendering environment conservation and awareness from an early age.

Among the things that the club want to do is start a tree nursery and plant trees around Kariobangi and visit national parks to learn more about nature and conservation