Week 26 Report: July 23 – 28

Written by Anthony Mulanzia,

Jared Ombiri: Updates on Funeral Plans.

The school continues to receive contributions from parents and friends of the school. We are grateful to the support we are receiving. This funds will help pay the mortuary fees, hospital bill and other costs associated with the funeral the date for which has now be set for August 14.

Second visit by Mr. Tom’s Family

Mr. Tom and his family visited the school on Thursday of this week. The main purpose of the visit was interact with parents and teachers and learn how the school works and its challenges and successes. They had very good meetings with parents and teachers. The interactions with Kathy and Katie who are both teachers back in the US were very enriching to the teachers.

Tom, Kathy and Katie held discussions with 6 HoL parents who were available on thursday, the director and Anthony also participated in the discussions. The parents spoke about their lives in Kariobangi, what they do to earn a living their experience with HoL their challenges and hope for the future. They expressed their wish for the visitors to help with acquisition of uniforms and support the extension of the school up to grade 8. Overall the meeting was very productive and helped the visitors gain a deeper understanding of life in kariobangi and connect with the parents.

After the meeting with parents another meeting was held with teachers. Again the purpose of this meeting was for the visitors to understand how the school works. Teachers introduced themselves and explained their work with children and the most urgent needs in their classes. The visitors pledged to look into ways they could support some of the teachers needs.

Kathy and Katie also engaged the teacher in teaching methodologies and shared insights on maintaining discipline in the classroom. Katie shared with  teachers login details of a site where teachers can download worksheets and other teaching resources

Overall Tom, Kathy and Katie’s visit was very uplifting for HoL family and we hope they will be able to visit us again soon

End of Semester Tests

The students did their end of semester assessment tests  this week.