Week 25 Report: July 16 – 21

Written By Anthony Mulanzia

Visit by  Tom Little & His Family

The school received guests from the US. Mr. Tom, Mrs. Kathy and Katie their daughter. Mr. Tom is Mr. Terry’s brother and so it was very exciting to have them with the school community.  The children entertained them with numerous poems and songs. Mr. Sami briefly explained the history and the structure of the school to them. They brought a lot of school equipment and stationary. Such as colors, paints and painting brushes, drawing books, learning cards for the children and puzzles. This was highly appreciated by the school. They promised to return the following week and spend more time with the school community. The school had proudly hosted Mr. Terry’s sister: Peggy and his Niece, Haily the previous month. In a special way we take this opportunity to thank Mr. Terry’s family for their continued engagement with our school. We appreciate the support and shared commitment towards the school.

The Death Of Jared Ombiri

The school received the sad news of the passing of one of our students: Jared Ombiri. Jared was in grade two and was suffering from pneumonia before he succumbed to it on the Friday night.

The director visited the family and was able to console them. He then assisted the family in initiating plans for the funeral. He informed the parents, teachers and students about the sad news and the entire school community are willing to help the family in any way. The family is unable to raise the entire money needed for the funeral and thus the school arranged a fundraising campaign for the entire school community. Whereby, the parents, neighbors, friends and other donors contribute any amount they can get towards the funeral. The response from the parents has been immense ever since the fundraising started. This was gesture that portrayed the unity and togetherness of the school community. The school continues to urge for more support and unity in this time of sorrow and grief.

The fellow classmates of Jared have not be able to come to terms with his passing on. Some parents and teachers have offered to console them through these period. Jared has a nephew called Blessing in Prep primary 2. She was unable to accept the situation and kept wondering why Jared wasn’t reporting to school. The director with the assistance of the class teacher and the parent had to convince her to come to school since she didn’t want to come. This was the best way to put her mind at ease since, while at school she’d interact with other children thereby distracting her from the painful thoughts.

Kariobangi News

The county of Nairobi has indicated on the commencement of the repair and construction of the sewer system while stating that the buildings and structures that have been built on the pathway of the sewer and drainage system will be demolished.