WEEK 12 and 13 UPDATES_ 2018.


  • The issue on de-worming continues with their numbers increasing since it’s a contagious infection among kids due their close contact with each other. The deworming needs to be done after every 3 months whereby they are given a dose of dewormer administered with vitamin A.
  • The cost of deworming the kids is 15,000 Kenyan shillings equivalent to $150.
  • The school offered chapattis and green grams on the last day of school: 4th April 2018. This is the favorite dish of the kids.


All the kids sat for their end-of-semester exams. The subjects tested included:

  1. [Counting, addition and subtraction]
  2. [Drawing and naming different weather conditions such as rainy and sunny].
  3. Languages: English and Swahili. [pronouncing, spelling and writing]
  4. [drawing and coloring]
  5. Religious Education.
  • The exams take 3- 4 days depending on the exam schedule. At the end, the teachers marked the papers and finalized their class reports while the kids played with the toys and games for the remaining few days of the semester. The school officially closed on 21st March 2018. The second semester in the Academic year begins in the first week of May.


The school has created a dance group, consisting of 15 kids of age bracket 6-7yrs, that went for auditioning for the upcoming Kasarani Zonal Music Festivals and they successfully got a place. They are preparing and rehearsing for the festival competitions. The Festivals are scheduled for the next semester.


  • Tr.Dan and Tr. Margaret have officially left our school.
  • Tr. Margaret will also not be joining the school from next semester because she has been posted, by the TSC, at a school in Kakamega: The Western Kenya.
  • The TSC is an Independent Commission established under the Constitution of Kenya to manage human resource within the education sector. It works under the Ministry of Education to ensure that there are enough teachers in all schools within the country.


  • There have been several episodes of heavy rainfall in Kariobangi and the deplorable state of the sewer systems in Kariobangi ends up causing inconveniences and diseases for the residents. Public health officers had threatened to close down a nearby school called Kariobangi North Primary School over the broken sewer system which runs next to it.
  • Good news is that the Governor of Nairobi, Mike Sonko declared, two days after the school was closed for the holidays, that the county government was going to construct a new sewer line in Kariobangi which has already begun in earnest. He stated that the project will be a fast-track one in order to unclog the sewer line in Kariobangi North area which has been submerged for the last four months.