WEEK 11 UPDATE_ 2018

We have noted with concerns that there is an increase in the number of kids
suffering from ring-worms and thus there is the urgent need for de-worming all the kids in the
school. De-worming of children in Kenya is done by the Government through the Ministry of
Health in cooperation with the Ministry of Education. The aim is to reduce Soil Transmitted
Helminth (STH) prevalence in school aged children to below 4%. Repeated rounds of de-
worming will take place over five years in the endemic areas of Kenya identified through disease
mapping. The Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Public Health in Kenya train teachers
from each of the participating counties in how to de-worm their pupils. The teachers then
conduct a mass drug administration within their schools with the oversight of community health
workers. The last time the de-worming process occurred at Hands of Love was last year; it has
not be done this year due to the limited funds. De-worming is not free and can be quite costly
considering the huge number of children at the school.


The school having 13 weeks, this week was designated for completion of the semester
learning process and preparation for the forthcoming exams that were beginning on 27th
March 2018 in week 12.

The kids went to the playground on this week. There’s a public playground that is located
across the road from the school where different schools take their children and students to go and

At the playground the kids engage in different activities from football, rope-skipping, jogging
around the playground, running competition and hide and seek.
The playground isn’t all safe for the children since it has a very rough and hard ground
and occasionally we get cases of kids falling and hurting themselves. On sunny days it gets very
dusty and this becomes difficult to use the ground for health reasons. On rainy days, the
playground gets flooded with rainy water mixed in the sewer which is a health hazard; on such
days the kids don’t use the playground. In response to this, the school is in the process of
creating a playground on the balcony of the school building.


The kids have not had any educational trips this semester; that would involve seeing new
things, learning visually and having fun. This is because of the limited funding that the school
has had. The kids enjoy this trips because it gives them a break off school work, normal life and
the stressful environment that some experience while at home. Nonetheless, the recent road trip
to the shoe company called BATA, located in Limuru which is a 1 drive away from Nairobi city,
helped the kids experience a little bit of fun outside the school environment. The school had gone
to buy new school shoes for the kids. However, not all the kids got the shoes thereby not
everyone experienced the road trip to the shoe company and enjoy a day off their normal


There cold weather is beginning to hit many parts of Nairobi with episodes of rainfall.
Therefore, the school is advising most parents to dress their kids warmly at all times and inform
the school in case of any incidences of sickness