Tribute to Jared Ombiri

Difficult to accept, yet very true. Very difficult to understand, yet very real. To lose someone so special is really hard to bear. It hardly seems believable that Jared is no longer there.

One week he was with us, learning, running around, asking questions, full of life. The next, he was sick, bedridden, and in a few days he would be gone. Gone. Never to come back. Ooh Jared you left us far too early, before your time it seems. And now you’ll never have the chance to fulfill your dreams. 

It is hard to lose a child, at Hands Love our hope is that every child under our care grows to their full potential. This children are the promise of a better future in a neighborhood where a lot of things do not work. In ten years of our operation we’ve never had to deal with a loss like this. So, it is hard but however hard, we take comfort in the thought of all the memories we have.  

We hold the memories very firm to us. They come to mind time and again, reminding us of the happiness he brought to us. The good times we have shared since he joined Hands of Love on January 22, 2014 when he was only three and a half years old. As days go by, in our hearts his memory is kept. He will be forever be in our hearts.

At this difficult time our thoughts and prayers are with his family. His mum Rose Ingesia, father Charles Kwendo, Sisters Peris, Josephine and Mercy, and niece Laura.