Tamara is a seven years old girl in grade 2. One of the twenty three second graders who have now left Hands of Love and will be other schools next January.

Two years ago, her mother walked through Hands of Love doors seeking admission for her into our school. She shared with us a touching story of resilience and perseverance which we would like to tell you today.

Tamara’s Mum, Judith married when she was only eighteen years old to a man twenty years her her senior. Shortly after they began their married life together she found out she was expecting a child. She and her husband reacted very differently to this news. While she was excited to be carrying the baby she had prayed for, her husband was not ready to be a dad and wanted the pregnancy aborted. That was, so to say, the beginning of the end.

Judith decided decided to hold on, determined, in her own words, “to accept the child as a gift from God.” When time came she delivered a bouncing baby girl. Unfortunately, less than one year after her daughter was born her marriage was broken beyond repair. Her husband left and in a short time disappeared from their lives completely.

That was the beginning of what she describes as the “darkest hour” in her life. Left to raise her daughter alone, with no qualifications to her name, she had a hard time finding and holding a job. “We got through that period by the grace of God” she recounts. The only work she could get was doing other people’s laundry and cleaning. She would also do shifts in Kariobangi’s small factories and operate a food stall in the streets. When she was working there was no one to be there for her daughter when she needed looking after. Judith struggles to keep her child fed, educated and healthy. Just managing to keep her head above the water, often depriving herself to make sure there is enough for her daughter. Her dedication shows, Tamara is one of the cleanest child in the school and she does well in her studies. 

Judith’s story is a story of hope and is a story that is similar to tens of other HoL families. More than a third of our families are single parent families led by young mothers most of whom got their first child when they were teenagers. Majority are hardworking and do their best each day to ensure their kids get a better life. They fight every day for their children.

Hands of Love is proud to be fighting on their side. We realize that education presents the best opportunity for them to escape the trap of inter generational cycle of poverty.  You can be part of this story by supporting Hands of Love.

For just $1 a day, you can help us continue providing severely disadvantaged children aged 3 – 7 with education, two nutritious meals per day and basic healthcare by donating $365 – or any other amount