Special Appeal for Emma Nyambura

Emma Nyambura at School

Meet Emma Nyambura – a four-year-old girl who has a history of rickets that has caused severe bowing leaving her with chronic pain in the spine, pelvis and legs that makes it difficult for her to learn. Emma has never received proper treatment for her condition. Her parents thought that the problem will resolve on its own as she grew. It is only recently that her condition has been properly diagnosed and she has started taking medication. In addition to the treatment she is receiving, doctors say that she will need a surgery to restore proper bone structure and correct bowlegs. This will cost ksh180,000. Her family is unable to raise these funds and we therefore making an appeal to friends and supporters to helps us get this beautiful girl the surgery she needs.

Emma lives with her dad, mum, and two-year-old sister a short distance from the school. Her dad sells second-hand shoes and her mum is currently unemployed.

Despite her illness Emma performs exceptionally well in academics. However due to her condition she is unable to interact normally with other children and at times looks withdrawn. Over the last five months she has been with us she has formed a very close bond with her class teacher Linda Opiche who helps her navigate her school day and comforts her when she is in pain.

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