Our Hero Teachers

Our teachers have been instrumental in safeguarding our students both at school and home. This is through checking and tracking the students’ temperature, showing the students how to clean their hands at washing stations and properly wearing their masks. Before learning starts, our teachers remind the students on the health and safety guidelines including how to interact with each other while at school.

Teacher Justus checking the temperature of a student arriving to school.

During the breaks, our teachers creatively come up with fun activities such as drawing and coloring. Thereafter, the students put their drawings on the wall or carry the home to their parents. Other activities include singing and dancing games as well as stretching exercises.

Teacher Linda helping her students engage in coloring during the break session.

At the end of the school day, the teachers direct the parents on the same morning routine when picking up their children. Thereafter, our teachers engage in sanitizing the classrooms in preparation for the next learning day.