Garden Update!

Here are a few updates from our garden this term:-

1) Terere (Amaranth) is a big success we picked some for our kitchen last week and it looks like we will be able to pick some more on Thursday.
terere2) The Zucchini plants are blossoming quite nicely, they are beginning to flower and we hope to harvest some Zucchini soon
zucch3) The cucumber is also doing wellcuc

4) And here is the Okra plants which are starting to produce some wee Okra


5) The strawberry plants are doing quite good.


6) Despite a slow start the swiss chard have now started to do well.


7) The herbs are also doing great


8) We got a handful of beans from a few plants that we planted last term with class three last term. The kids learn a lot from observing and taking care of these plants growing