Garden Update – March 2017

This term our balcony garden is coming along nicely. The kids and their teachers have been out there learning several times a week. Despite a slow start (the garden was not planted until end of February) class three (grade 3) who are in charge of the garden this term are doing a fantastic job.

The garden pushes the kids and the teachers to learn more and try different things. And this term the theme is to show the kids how much effort goes into producing food. We want the kids to experience – in a small way –  the time and the energy that goes into producing a single ear of maize. We initially planted maize bought from the local market but those didn’t germinate and we had to get certified seeds which grew and are looking healthy now.


Other things growing in the garden include this passion fruit which is doing fabulous.


The strawberry was transferred to a bigger container on the 1st floor balcony it looked like it was going to die but is doing better now.


And there is this mystery plant growing with the strawberry. When it germinated there was a small debate among the kids whether to uproot it or not. There those who thought it was a weed and therefore should be removed and others argued it was a pumpkin. In the end they decided to leave it and see what it grows into.


Then we have these onions which do not seem to be doing very well.


Other things growing include bamboo and other decorative plants.

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