Erick Ojwang – A Dedicated Member of HoL Team

Ever met someone so diligent and hardworking? Well, Mr Erick, who has been working for HoL from when it started, fits that bill.

“I was among the pioneering team that started the school in 2008. We began with about 15 children” he recounts.

Erick goes about his work diligently. He is the first person to report for duty and the last to leave. During the day he is always busy rotating like a shuttlecock from one room to the other cleaning, mopping, emptying bins and performing many other duties. It is unlike him to be seated doing nothing. “I have to be the first one in school because I keep the keys to all the classrooms. Sometimes I leave for home at 5:00 pm, but other days I have to stay longer so that I can complete all my chores. I take it upon myself to ensure that the children come to a clean learning environment because I love seeing them happy and in good health,” he ventures.

Teacher Erick, as children and staff call him around the school, reckons that working at HoL has been a fantastic experience. “Through this job, I can sustain myself and my family,” he says. As busy as his days are, Erick, a dedicated father of five girls still finds time to be with his family. His daughter Berretta, a multi-talented second-grader at HoL benefited from sponsorship program by the ACAKORO Football an initiative that supports young talented soccer players. Erick always makes time to attend his daughter’s practice sessions and games.