Christmas During COVID-19 Pandemic

As the world continues to struggle with Coronavirus Pandemic, many traditions are passing by as another busy Monday without all the fun and fare. However, Christmas being one of the most commonly celebrated festivity across all households, the question of how to celebrate Christmas remains a nightmare for struggling families. This is true to effect, especially in countries such as Kenya where the government is unable to provide economic relief and assistance to the millions of struggling and jobless households. 

Although the Kenyan government has shut down schools we have continued with our feeding program. Whereby, more than 70 children come to the school and share meals prepared by HOL daily. 

Without a doubt Christmas will look very different for our families. Despite not having much parents go to great lengths to make Christmas time special for their kids. They would save up and maybe buy new clothes, or travel upcountry to celebrate with their families. For now though, with the depressed economic situation, the priority for many families is basic survival.  The pandemic has disrupted their livelihoods, pushing the already economically fragile Kariobangi households further into poverty. 

As we approach Christmas we want to do something special for our children, their families and our teachers. We would like to buy them gifts or send the food hampers. At the moment we are continuing with the food program so that the children can continue to have proper meals. Teachers and staff are helping with the food program – preparing meals etc – and also in repairs, painting and other work in preparation for school reopening. This is important to keep our teachers and staff employed so that they can support their families and perhaps have a somewhat “normal” Christmas.