Bundles of Joy

I had a busy day today visiting 3 of my colleagues, good friends, amazing teachers and now new mothers. We have had abundant blessings since June 2015, 3 babies among the staff and eight babies among parents/guardians.

Baby Hawii


Baby Hawii is teacher Lucy Ogutu’s daughter. Born 4th November 2015 she is a lovely child ever smiling.

Baby Liz


Baby Liz is Teacher Pauline’s Daughter and Salim’s sister (Salim schools at HoL – 2nd grade). She is now 6 weeks old and doing very well.

Baby Joan


Joan’s mum Felistas (Mama Mso) has been working as a cook at the centre since November last year. She has two kids at the center Mso in Baby class and Fiona in grade one. She came to me early November seeking help after her husband kicked her out of their house when she was five months pregnant. They had just learned that the baby she was carrying was a girl and the man wanted a boy. I allowed her to sleep at the centre for two nights then found her a place to stay and gave her a job.


Mama Mso is a hard working and a very generous person. Although she didn’t have much she would not let me leave her house without a meal. It really warmed my heart. And Mso and Fiona were excited to see me, I think I was the last person they were expecting to visit.

This post is hastily written but I felt I couldn’t sleep but I felt I couldn’t sleep with sharing something about Joan, Fiona and Mso. They are beautiful wonderful kids and I cannot understand why someone would disown them just because they are girls