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This term, Neema Livestock donated nearly 70kgs of beef to Hands of Love.  The meat-company has established itself within the local area with the goal of supporting the local community through employment and provision of quality meat. The addition of meat in the meals improves our feeding programme and has become a favorite among our […]

Student Progress in Studies amidst COVID-19.

Since schools resumed in-person learning, our teachers have engaged the students in learning exercise that slowly refresh their minds on topics covered prior to COVID. This helps in bringing the students back to the habit of learning owing to the fact that they were away from school for nearly 9 months. This task can be […]

Our Hero Teachers

Our teachers have been instrumental in safeguarding our students both at school and home. This is through checking and tracking the students’ temperature, showing the students how to clean their hands at washing stations and properly wearing their masks. Before learning starts, our teachers remind the students on the health and safety guidelines including how […]

New Routine For Students

The Ministry of Education issued health and safety guidelines on the reopening of schools for in-person learning in which they conduct routine inspections. At HOL, our students continue to adjust to these new changes with the help of our parents and teachers. The new daily routine involves both students and teachers washing their hands, get […]

Reduction of Students

In May 2020, the Kenyan authorities conducted mass evictions, in the surrounding Kariobangi North area that affected nearly 8,000 households.The lack of alternative relocation forced these families to move to the countryside and live with their relatives. Additionally, the adverse impact of COVID-19 on the Kenyan economy resulted in job losses and business closures that […]

Back to School

Our children returned back to school on Wednesday January, 5. Schools across Kenya had reopened a day earlier on January 4, but there was a requirement that schools in informal settlements be inspected by public health officials before reopening. Hands of Love was inspected on January 4 and we were able to reopen the next […]


This week children across Kenya will be going back to school. This is usually a sobering week for everyone right after the pomp that accompanies the Christmas festivities. This year, due to employment disruptions caused by COVID-19, many households in Kariobangi are facing difficulties preparing their children to go back to school.  Children have outgrown […]

HoL Alumni – Hamsa Bariso

Fourteen children who graduated from Hands of Love in 2016 will be sitting for their national examinations (KCPE) in July 2021.  One of them is Hamsia Bariso who joined Hands of Love in May 2011 when she was just 5 years. Hamsia is a student at Salama Primary School in Huruma estate near Kariobangi. She […]

HoL Alumni – Ann Njeri

Since 2014, more than 250 children have graduated from Hands of Love and joined other schools in Kariobangi and other parts of Nairobi.  We caught up with Ann Njeri who joined Hands of Love in January 2015 and left in November 2017 to find out how she is doing and what impact Hands of Love […]

Keeping children with disabilities learning during COVID-19

Our second story on the impact of COVID-19 on our children and their families will focus on Monica Saida, a child with intellectual disability who joined Hands of Love three years ago. Monica lives with her mum and two siblings in a one room house in Kariobangi. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic struck, children with […]