Another Brief Update

We resumed school for the second term on Tuesday May 2, 2017 after a three weeks break. The first week of the term proceeded smoothly. The average attendance for the week was 155. By end of week 22 children had not reported back, however we expect that they would have come back by Monday next week.

New Teacher

Quinter Atieno Aduor joined us this week. She will be taking the place of Catherine Njeri who has been posted to Mugoiri Girls High School in Murang’a Central Kenya for her teaching practice (she is a Bachelors of Education Student at Kenyatta University). Before joining Hands of Love Quinter was the Deputy Director at St. Claire Academy in Korogocho. She Holds a Diploma in Primary Education.

Support by Feed the Children International

For the last couple of months, we have tried unsuccessfully to get Feed the Children International to support our food program. I am glad to report that we had a breakthrough this week. We did not get what we wanted but they agreed to offer a small loaf of bread (100 grams) Monday to Friday for every child in the Centre. The bread is served with morning porridge and is a welcome addition to our food program.    

Cornfying our Garden

The maize that grade 3 kids planted in March is doing extremely well. So much so that the nursery class kids who started an extra garden on our first floor balcony decided they also wanted to plant maize. Theirs has just sprouted and we hope it will also do well.

Unfortunately our passion fruit plant has lost more than half its foliage and we fear it is dying out.


At last Richard Mwangi the grade one boy was in Intensive Care Unit at Kenyatta National Hospital has been discharged after two month in hospital. He is still not able to come back to school but he is far better now.

Rising Political Tension

Kenya will have general elections on  August 8, and the campaigning has started in earnest. Unfortunately elections in Kenya can lead to tribal tensions and sometimes violence. Over the last few weeks we have seen with concern divisive political rhetoric which if unchecked will lead to insecurity in  Kariobangi and the surrounding  informal settlements which going by previous elections are hotspots for political/tribal violence. This may disrupt learning this term.